Sin City Cairo

Dreamin' While Awake

by Sin City Cairo

Released 2015
Released 2015
West Coast Old School Sound With A New School Flavor!!!
Korollos Nakhla, also known by his stage name "Sin City Cairo" was born on February 13,1987 to a poor Egyptian family. Being a first generation Egyptian American, he feels it's his mission to give his family the life he says, "they deserve". Always being passionate about music, as far back as his elementary school years, Sin City Cairo always knew music was what he's always wanted to do with his life. He grew up listening to hip hop but it was until he heard Eminem for the first time that he became infatuated with the art and the culture around it. At the age of 12, Sin City Cairo picked up the pen and pad and hasn't dropped it since. Today, Sin City Cairo is working with Camel Hump Music on what he hopes to be his break through Mixtape, "Dreaming While Awake" a mixtape composed of the rappers struggles, heart breaks, down falls and celebrations that helped mold him into the artist he is today.